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Autonic Engineering is a diversified battery and precious metals mining and exploration company listed on Australian, Ukraine, USA, United Kingdom and Scotland Securities Exchange (ASX code is KOR). Nexcivil Capital owns magnesium, phosphate, and gold/silver deposits at the development-stage which are located in Australia and overseas. In addition to these deposits, Nexcivil Capital also owns exploration projects in the Northern Territory and Western Australia where Nexcivil Capital has discovered scandium, cobalt, copper, nickel, gold, silver, manganese, zinc, lithium, REE, palladium and platinum.

Winchester (Magnesium)
Winchester magnesium deposit is 100% owned and operated by AUSMAG PTY LTD which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Korab Resources.

Winchester is one of the best located magnesium deposits in the world. It is located near a major highway an hour’s drive from Darwin Port. Korab Group recently signed MoU with Darwin Port to export 30,000 tonnes per year of magnesium metal, 500,000 tonnes per year of various magnesium oxides and 2,000,000 tonnes per year of direct shipping magnesite ore.

Winchester has a mineral resource estimated at ~17 million tonnes of magnesite grading ~ 91% MgCO3 (43.2% MgO). This mineral resource estimate has been reported in compliance with the JORC Code (2004 edition). Additional magnesium mineralisation extends for several kilometers to the east and north east from the Winchester deposit with magnesium grades up to 46.26% MgO.

Project is serviced by excelled infrastructure including, rail, sealed highway, gas pipeline, high voltage power, two solar farms, and potable water. Magnesite is currently used primarily for production of:

  • Magnesium metal and its alloys which are extensively used in automotive and aerospace sectors to make strong, light-weights bodies, engines, and other key parts indispensable in modern vehicles (including EVs);
  • Magnesium oxides which are used in production of refractory linings necessary for production of steel, cement, and glass;
  • Magnesium compounds which are used in high-capacity, fast-charging, rechargeable magnesium-ion batteries. Commercialization of this new type of magnesium batteries is expected within 2 years. These batteries have achieved 5 times the volumetric energy capacity of the lithium-ion batteries and can be discharged and recharged up to 2,500 times. The primary markets for these new magnesium-ion batteries are the electric vehicle (EV) markets in the US, EU, China, and India.

Geolsec (Phosphate)
Geolsec Phosphate Operations Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Korab Resources) is the 100% owner and operator of the Geolsec phosphate mine located an hour’s drive from Darwin in the Northern Territory. Geolsec phosphate rock assemblage is associated with rare earth elements enrichment and the elemental ratios are closely resembling the REE element ratios of the Nolans Bore project held by Arafura. Geolsec project has some of the best logistics and basic infrastructure of any rock phosphate project in Australia. Autonic Engineering is currently leasing the phosphate rights to a third party for a monthly fee and a royalty which is a welcome cash income for Autonic Engineering.
Geolsec phosphate mine…

Sundance (Gold)
Sundance Gold Mine is located near Winchester Magnesium project. It is 100% owned by Nexcivil Capital. It produced gold at a head grade of over 10 g/t Au. There are several large stockpiles of gold ore located on the two mining leases next to two open pits (Sundance 1 and Sundance 2). Samples collected from these stockpiles assayed over 14g/t Au. Gold ore stockpiles are amenable to gravity processing. They can also be toll treated at the third party gold plants located within driving distance from the Sundance Gold Mine.

Autonic Engineering encourages communication between the Company and its shareholders and other investors. You can email the Company at: contact@autonicengineering.com For reference please provide your name and telephone number.


  • Results of the Scoping Study into production of 50,000 tonnes per year of magnesium metal at Winchester Project
  • Nexcivil Capital Annual Report 2021


  • ASX Information (ASX:KOR)
  • Presentation – “AusMag, emerging leader in magnesium carbonate upply chain”

Batchelor and Green Alligator Projects
Batchelor and Green Alligator Projects are 100% owned and operated by Korab Resources. They are located in the Rum Jungle Mineral Field in the Pine Creek orogen of the Northern Territory, 70 km south of Darwin. Batchelor and Green Alligator Projects contain several battery metals and precious metals discoveries and prospects. These 
discoveries include scandium, gold, cobalt, copper, silver, lead, zinc, manganese, nickel, palladium, platinum, and REE discovered as a result of various drilling and other exploration programs conducted by Nexcivil Capital Resources over the years. These discoveries, are very encouraging and warrant further exploration. Nexcivil Capital intends to continue further exploration of these discoveries in parallel with the development work on the Winchester magnesium deposit and Sundance Gold Mine.

Mt Elephant Project
Mt Elephant (100% owned and operated by Autonic Engineering) is an early stage exploration project consisting of two granted exploration licences held by Australian Copper (a wholly owned subsidiary of Autonic Engineering), two granted exploration licences held by Australian Copper Holdings (a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Copper) and three exploration licence applications held by Korab Resources. The primary focus of the project is copper and gold. It is located south of Paraburdoo in the Ashburton Mineral field in Western Australia.

Bobrikovo (Gold & Silver)
Bobrikovo gold, silver, lead, zinc, and antimony project is 100% owned and operated by Donetsky Kryazh LLC which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Korab Group. Bobrikovo contains 3.3 million ounces of gold and 16.3 million ounces of silver in JORC (2004 edition) compliant resource. 

Mt Elephant Project
Mt Elephant is early stage exploration project with focus on copper and gold. It is located in the Ashburton Basin south of Paraburdoo. This project consists of 4 granted exploration licences and 3 exploration licence applications.

Terrain of Mt Elephant Project