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Health and Safety

At Autonic Engineering, people come first and our commitment to their safety and health is an integral part of our culture. This is fundamental to our long-term business success. As such, we promote this culture by attracting, developing and retaining individuals who share our core values and seek nothing less than operational excellence. This is true along our value chain, which includes our employees, suppliers and contractors.

We are committed to provide a positive, safe and secure working environment for our employees, clients and subcontractors throughout our national and international operations. When an accident or near miss does occur, we investigate the incident and all potential outcomes and evaluate barriers to preventing future occurrences. Hence, employing the right people and coaching them ensures continuous improvement, always.

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Our workforce safety programs have been implemented and refined over many years of experience. We provide the tools, training and culture that allow our workforce, suppliers and contractors to execute work safely and intervene or prevent an incident from occurring. Regardless of role, everyone is responsible at NexCivil Capital. Therefore, our employees are committed to continuous improvement by sharing knowledge across a single international organization.

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Our people are our most valuable asset, hence, their health and wellness is our top priority. We apply public health and safety procedures to all aspects of our operations, from day to day activities to complex offshore drilling operations. We are striving to continuously learn, share and improve personal safety efforts by putting safety leadership in our culture, fully absorbing all employees in safety and providing a safe working environment for all employees and contractors. Our goal is to address the diverse health risks prevalent in the locations where we operate and to protect the health, safety and productivity of our employees whilst preserving our business operations. We carried out a Malaria Initiative in our Ratana Project, Pakistan in 2017. This included training, screening, vaccination, treatment, and rapid diagnosis as well as educating all our employees at Ratana camp. As a result we haven’t had any cases of malaria amongst our employees.