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Autonic Engineering seeks not only to contribute to the social and economic growth of the local communities we operate in, but also their boarder sustainability objectives. Understanding and addressing the needs and wants of the local communities is critical to our long-term business success. Our approach to engaging with local communities and responsibly managing our impacts on them whilst making valued social investments, helps us to create and sustain productive relationships, which is mutually beneficial.

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We work in communities, each with their own unique culture, needs and challenges. In all cases, we maintain our corporate-wide commitment to responsibly manage our social and environmental impacts, uphold respect for everyone and make social investments by tailoring our efforts to individual community’s for their social and economic growth.


Nex Civil Capital strives to be a world-class operator, a responsible corporate citizen and a good employer. We believe that the societies and communities we work in should benefit from our presence. That is why we support their development. We rely on an open cooperation and dialog with the local communities to discover the challenges that exists and how we can contribute to solving them. The aim of our commitment is to create added value for the community and for our company by growing their economy through employing local staff, helping to develop national and local suppliers and appropriate social investments.

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We actively engage with the various stakeholders in the communities we operate and include their feedback into our decision-making processes to identify any issues or concerns early on in a project. We provide local groups and individuals with communication channels including community and individual meetings to voice their concerns. We want the local community to see us as their neighbor who is always ready to help when needed. That is why we actively participate in bilateral exchange, project related meetings and information events to avoid and reduce our impacts on their community. In addition, averting delays, reducing costs and preventing escalation of issues are benefits of this kind of an approach.

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